Why our CEO is working on a Doctoral degree

Our CEO is working on a doctoral degree in English Language and Literature.


To serve you better.

Yes, she knows that doctoral degrees don’t always increase financial earning capacity, but she is insatiable about learning how to write more effectively, develop better arguments, and explain complicated ideas to non-specialist audiences.

Audiences like your law firm’s clients.

She wants to reinforce her education and experience teaching others how to write well.

Her pedagogical training and experience teaching/lecturing/working as a teaching assistant at four universities means she already has a sound basis. But, we want to be world leaders at providing education for attorneys to communicate effectively to non-specialist audiences.

This desire to teach others how to make legalese easier to understand means developing a training program to coach attorneys how to write about law for a non-specialist audience and how to communicate better with their clients. We are already working it. To be kept in the loop on that project, click here.

She wants to finish what she started.

You know how life throws curveballs at you, and you need to pick yourself up off the floor and have another run at it? Well, that’s also what this is. Anna began her PhD studies at the University of St Andrews in Scotland in 2009, but she did not submit her dissertation. Life intervened, and now, with the support of her family, and a renewed drive, she’s having another run at it under the guidance of Dr Jennifer McDonnell in the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences at the University of New England.

This is not for everyone.

We know that some of you still might find it odd (or even unnecessary) that our CEO is working on a Doctoral Degree, but we are all about forging a path of our own!

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