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Are you looking for legal writers, who understand the law and how to communicate concisely? That’s us.

Anna Blanch Rabe & Associates provides specialist communications content for Legal Professionals

Finding a communications professional who can expertly and strategically navigate your niche, recognizing any potential ethical pitfalls and adding value to your website and helping you to provide your clients and potential clients with quality and specialist content is challenging. If for no other reason than communicating legal concepts and legal information in plain English is an art as much as it is a craft.

Our clients come to us to develop evergreen content.

We are not a law firm. We do not give legal advice.

However, all of our legal writers have law degrees.

So what does it mean to be a legal writer? We take complex ideas and complicated topics and write articles that explain them in straightforward language.

Many of our articles and content appear on law firm websites and publications. What this means is that in addition to being legally educated, and skilled as writers, we also need to be skilled and experienced in inbound content marketing and legal marketing principles. This is why we deliver content optimized for search engines accessible to non-specialist audiences, including your legal clients!

We have subject Matter Expertise in:

  • helping attorneys explain what they do to their clients,
  • translating legalese for the layperson,
  • translating complex information from jargon-laden lawspeak into plain English.
  • funding diversification for non-profits,
  • profitable social entrepreneurship,
  • and creative community-focused social impact!

Our CEO, Anna Blanch Rabe has a track record of helping law firms and social enterprises execute a communications strategy that educates their clients effectively and ethically while leveraging cost efficiencies.

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