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Making Legal Easy: Ithemes and WordPress Webinars

What You Should know about images and US copyright Talk Recording: “What You Should Know About Website Images and U.S. Copyright” Handout: Intro to Copyright 9 Liability Risks of Building a Website Talk Recording: “9 Liability Risks of Building a Website” Handout: Website Liability Risks  What you need to know about GDPR Talk Recording: “What you need to know about GDPR”  Handout: GDPR Essentials Preparing for the Worst as a WordPress Business Owner Talk Recording: “Preparing for the Worst as a WordPress Business Owner” Handout: Continue reading →

Why our CEO is working on a Doctoral degree

Our CEO is working on a doctoral degree in English Language and Literature. Why? To serve you better. Yes, she knows that doctoral degrees don’t always increase financial earning capacity, but she is insatiable about learning how to write more effectively, develop better arguments, and explain complicated ideas to non-specialist audiences. Audiences like your law firm’s clients. She wants to reinforce her education and experience teaching others how to write well. Her pedagogical training and experience teaching/lecturing/working as a teaching assistant at four universities means Continue reading →

5 reasons why your law firm should not have a blog

It might seem strange for a company that provides specialist legal content to explain why you law firm should not have a blog, but we pride ourselves on our honesty! When we speak to legal partners and solo attorneys we often find that they don’t know why they have a blog attached to their firm website, or if they do they don’t think it is doing them much good. As much as we create compelling and readable content about legal topics for non specialist audiences, Continue reading →

WordCamp Birmingham

It’s been 16 years since Anna was last in Birmingham, Alabama! She’s excited to be back y’all, for WordCamp Birmingham 2018. This is Anna’s second time speaking at a WordCamp for 2018, following WordCamp Albuquerque earlier in the year! To buy tickets go here The lovely organizing team at WordCamp Birmingham spotlighted Anna on their website earlier this week, alongside two other speakers! She will be giving two talks at WordCamp Birmingham – 5 Things WordPress Users need to know about Copyright and Intellectual Property Continue reading →