Our Impact

We aren’t satisfied with just making a profit. We want to make a social impact.

Every year, non-profit organizations are spending close to 8 billion dollars on fees billed by service-providers.

While we strongly believe that everyone deserves to be paid well for their work, we also believe that businesses can move the needle through donating services to non-profit organizations while pursuing revenue streams elsewhere.


We’ve chosen the path of radical generosity.

What does radical generosity mean?

What it means is that at any given moment, Anna Blanch Rabe & Associates  is balancing an equal number of pro-bono and paid projects.

This is made possible by structuring our company with a “give-half” model intrinsic to the fabric of our company which calls for our boutique communications consultancy to take on a high volume of projects in order to generate the revenue necessary for us to be able to afford to simultaneously engage in pro-bono work for non-profit organizations.

To accomplish this, we work with a distributed team of volunteers in order to maximize our bandwidth while keeping costs low.

Our Impact

Since our formation in September 2016, Anna Blanch Rabe & Associates has contributed services and time to the value of $50,000 to six different organizations – across the government, human services, and military family sectors. We have a number of ongoing projects that are not included in these social impact totals.


radical generosity Anna Rabe


The Movement

“To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – Carl Frankel


We are proud to be part of a broader movement. In 2012, a design studio in California, verynice decided that the only way they could achieve their mission of alleviating non-profit expenses would be to inspire a new movement in pro-bono. To accomplish this, they made their business model and proprietary methodologies. We have been one of the businesses inspired by this movement, and make use of some of the materials that they have made available.

Anna has facilitated a number of Models of Impact workshops based on the methodology developed by Matthew Manos and the VeryNice team.

If you are interested in having Anna lead a Models of Impact workshop for your community,  visit the Get Started page.

Receiving Pro-Bono Support

Anna Blanch Rabe & Associates carefully reviews all pro-bono candidates and selects the beneficiaries of its Give-Half program on a rolling basis, based on availability. All pro-bono beneficiaries are required to have an official 501(c)3 status, or the international equivalent (or be in the process of applying for status).

To fill out an application for your non-profit, please visit the Get Started page. Due to the volume of requests we receive, we can not respond to every inquiry. Good luck!


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