About Anna Blanch Rabe

Anna Blanch RabeWho am I?

I have many guises, but am hopefully without guile.

I am the little girl who grew up in Aussie bush.

I am the woman who joined the Army out of high school, who still loves to travel alone and with a hint of wanderlust and mountains of curiousity that pushes me to experience the many and varied cultures (and their food) of the world; who loves to eat, but finds some things nourish her body and soul more than others.

Who decided not to stay a lawyer, instead moving to the Republic of Texas to go to Graduate School. Who jumped off a cliff and ended up on the east coast of Scotland in an ancient town.


Who found herself heartsick for the sun and so sought the balm of it in familiar antipodean climes in the same place her ancestors came when they travelled across the seas from the British isles. Who finds herself a legal alien in the liminal spaces, who seeks to journey by the slow rhythmic rocking of the train carriage and the lapping of the waves on the  bulkhead of the ferry.

I am the woman who loved her federation homestead standing on the land of her ancestors, her cottage-by-the-north-sea, the studio by the Pacific Ocean, and her cottage-by-the-park in the high plains of Eastern New Mexico.

bathtubsepia About Anna Blanch Rabe

I am a wanderer who needs to be rooted. I relish the quotidian of the home.

I am the reader, the writer, the teacher, the contemplative, the scholar.

I am the creative who rejoices in supporting the development of emerging artists and facilitating conversations about art and culture in the public sphere. I am a writer, a  polymathic reader, and a digital nomad. I am a photographer who loves to capture glimpses of beauty and strength, and aspects of a subject’s character they didn’t realise was there.

I am a sister; I am a daughter; I am a friend; I am a wife.

My name is Anna Blanch Rabe.

Anna Blanch Rabe by Gill Gamble


 Photo of Anna: Gillian Gamble Illustration & Photography

Other Photos: Anna Blanch Rabe. All Rights Reserved.