Snail Mail Delight: SpouseBox

In the middle of May I took the plunge and nabbed one of the rare and precious gems known as a SpouseBox subscription.

I had never tried the service before, but I encountered the founders during my recent trip to Washington D.C, and I was attracted by the free shipping that comes with the subscription. With a monthly cost of $24.99, I used some of my blow money (we include a little discretionary pocket money in our budget) to take a chance on a military spouse owned company.

SpouseBox is a monthly care package made for military spouse by military spouses. Each month, Krystel Spell and Adrianna Lupher handpick 5-7 goodies that deliver a little bit of a surprise and a whole lot of happiness right to your doorstep. Each SpouseBox features products from military spouse and veteran owned small businesses and new and exciting products Team SpouseBox knows you’ll love!

The box arrived last Friday and I was more than ready. I was surprised not to have received an email confirming my box had been shipped (I did get confirmation of my subscription last month). But when this number turned up in mailbox there was definitely anticipation.

  The June 2015 box arrived with the trademark purple tissue paper and brochure explaining the contents!

  I like the details – the tissue paper and spouse box stamps and sticker. This branding raises the level of the box.

The sturdiness of the box is welcome given the distance it has traveled. Across the country and through many hands…

  Most items are included in the brochure. This necklace and earring set seem to be an extra. My husband described it approvingly as blingy. Although pretty, it’s not really my style.

The Homefront girl wristlet designed by Gaby Juergens from Enesco’s Homefront Girl Collection is a great size. The pattern is very patriotic – but for a military spouse enterprise that seems apropos. I like the quality of the materials and printing.

  A Dawn Nicole designed postcard size print. Love the Bright colors! I can definitely see this gracing the walls of my studio. Designed by Dawn Nicole is a military spouse owned business.

  The Chipotle Lime Beef Jerky from Fusion Jerky. Our take on the jerky: flavorful, spicy, and chewy rather than crispy. It was rather moreish!

  Two UV detecting bracelets from Sunburn Alert. My Celtic skin loves this idea. I think I’ll put these aside for our trip to Cali and a certain famous attraction later in the year. I especially love that they’re waterproof!

 Tucked into a little paper bag was this Red, White, and Blue star banner. Made by Little Craft Co. The rustic look is very appropriate for 4th July. Though cute, it doesn’t seem to be the same quality of materials as the rest of the box. I have put it up and I’ll see how it holds up.

 The voucher for skinny cow iced coffee was a nice surprise. I won’t be drinking this because that wouldn’t be pretty, but my sweet husband gladly snapped it up! With flavors like mocha latte and vanilla latte and at only 120 calories he was interested – he did say he wants to see the ingredients before he tries it out – I live with the healthiest man alive.

The bottle of Shea Butter Body Lotion from Seeker Soap Co. smells lovely. It will be joining my rotation of moisturizers.

Overall, I was impressed by the jerky and the Shea butter – as a celiac, I wasn’t sure products included would be suitable for me. These were both refreshingly gluten free.

This box was value for money. I won’t be using everything myself, but I do feel like I will be able to share those items I don’t use as gifts.

If you are interested in SpouseBox, check out their website – and be warned, though this growing company adds more inventory each month, they sell out fast!

**this is NOT a sponsored review. I am a customer and paid for the box. None of the links in this post are affiliate links*