Stepping toward life goals: starting to run the PhD marathon again

I’ve learned along the way that to seek a PhD means to: Be patient. Find Peace. Fight. Dream again. – I’m still working on a piece about my journey over the last few years. But, know that I’m walking toward some of my most deeply held dreams and goals again after some rough years.

Some of these struggles have been me getting my own way, but there’s other stumbling blocks that have fallen in my path without warning and without there being much I could have done to have foreseen them.

How do you find the sunshine on the rocky days?

In short, I’m beginning to run the PhD marathon again. And it is scary, and exciting.

It has been insightful to read my own work with a gap of a couple of years. It is like a phantom limb – you can see the features that mark it out with your DNA, but it doesn’t feel like you are attached to it any longer. It makes it easier to edit, significantly easier.

Working full time and beginning work on the PhD again has been daunting. I’ve not yet found myself working on it other than on my weekends, but I suspect I will have to face the challenge of goals versus time available in the near future.

I’ll share more details in the months ahead. I’ve always found value in working through the writing process by writing about it.