This is a “must attend” conference in the Military Community Marketing Space

It’s time to buy your tickets for the Military Influencer Conference:  calling all Veteran and Military Spouse Advocates, Business owners, and Online Entrepreneurs, and those companies seeking to market to the military community!

There is a conference I think is a “must attend” for 2018. If you want to understand how to market to the military community, if you want to succeed as a military connected entrepreneur, or if you want to build a platform, business, or organization serving clients outside of the military community: this is the conference for you!

I was so impressed by what I saw last year that I was happy to sign on as a ambassador for this year’s conference. I want to see you there.

Whether you are involved in a for profit or non profit organization, whether your social impact touches upon veterans, or military spouses, or deployed troops, whether you are an advocate, or a military recruiter for a corporation, or a journalist who wants to understand more about how to communicate the issues or with the community, or maybe you are a military connected entrepreneur who markets to the rest of the world outside of the military community – this conference is for you. All of you! Truly.

military influencer conference 2017military influencer conference 2017

military influencer conference 2017


Buy Your Ticket through this Military Influencer Conference link and receive a 5% discount on your ticket!  Early Bird Prices end on 31 May so get in now to make the most of the discount. Tickets are selling fast!

I am a brand ambassador for Military Influencer Conference. If you buy a ticket through my affiliate link, I may receive some financial or in-kind compensation.