“Radical Generosity” – TEDx LadyBirdLake

Good things are worth the wait. TED’s process for publishing talks on the youtube channel takes time, but my talk from TEDx LadyBirdLake, “Radical Generosity” is live!

Doing what you can with what you have, is often an ingrained value as a result of adversity and scarcity.

The desire to leave a positive legacy in our community is not rare. But, often the very practical needs of supporting our own families, paying our bills, and meeting our basic needs push giving and service to our communities to the margins. This makes sense. How can we give what we feel we don’t have?

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Radical Generosity

What if radical generosity could be built into the very fabric of a for-profit business? What if you could grow a for-profit business and make a substantial social impact? What if we could empower individuals, organizations, and companies as they make our communities better places to live?
In every community there are situations that are not safe and not healthy, and what I can do, as a professional, is look for the helpers and help them. I can write, I can help them shape their stories, help them research and prepared funding applications, develop crisis communications plans, or facilitate their strategic planning meetings. As a military spouse attorney who has found licensing challenges almost insurmountable, I have been able to develop a meaningful professional life. I am not a first responder in this situation, and I’m noone’s savior.

So where do you start?

For those service providers, consider how you might incorporate an impact model as you develop a new revenue stream. Consider the immediate and urgent needs of underserved populations around you, and connect with a local non-profit to see if there is a good match. You can join our Pro Bono program! When we are shortsighted about engaging our local communities, we miss an important opportunity. 50% is not the only way, it is simply the way I have chosen. I would encourage you to choose your own way and be part of changing your community for the better.

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