6 steps to changing the world

So you want to change the world? I am convinced that changing the world for the better starts with ourselves. I’m not alone – some of the greatest thinkers in world history agree with me. “What do you want to do with your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver Here are 6 steps to changing the world. If this sparks your imagination, and you would like to learn how to apply these steps in more detail, take a look at our Guide to Continue reading →

How Madskills is Reframing Virtual Work and Moving the Needle

Madskills is Reframing Virtual Work and helping to move the needle which has military spouse unemployment at over 4 times the national average. Their business model includes a B2B revenue model, and an important social impact model – providing qualified and talented military spouse contractors to businesses who need their specialist skills. I will disclose here that Anna Blanch Rabe & Associates provides some services to Madskills. We are proud of this relationship – but we wanted to be upfront in sharing it! Madskills Founders Continue reading →

My Dream catchers

How I grew in the gardens they planted!! My dreamcatchers. The gardens that yielded a harvest of love fertilised with humor, in a soil with high levels of adventure, and of curiosity, that were watered with sweat, and the tears of laughter and loss. Some seasons are less kind and the harvest became hardier as a consequence of the winds of doubt, the hail of fail, came along in the midst of the spring sunshine of hope and summers of certainty. The harvest breaks my Continue reading →

Anna Blanch Rabe joins SpouseWorld 1 to 1 host Dave Etter to talk hitting the ground running

It’s PCS (permanent change of station) season again, and that means lots of new communities and towns and cities to explore. Anna joined Dave Etter to record her second SpouseWorld 1 to 1 interview. This time she talked with Dave about hitting the ground running in terms of community involvement when you arrive in a new location! She gives some of the tips that helped her find herself on a local non profit board, an appointed to a local housing authority by the city Mayor Continue reading →

EMPOWER mastermind enrollment form

Here’s the mastermind enrollment form you’ve been looking for. Thanks for your interest in joining the EMPOWER mastermind group for non profit leaders and business owners who are passionate about social impact and diversified revenue streams. EMPOWER Community is a group to encourage, share advice and resources, brainstorm, and offer peer support. This is a group for non profit leaders, social enterprise entrepreneurs, small business owners interested in give half models, and those who want to make their communities better places to live and thrive. Continue reading →