Anna Blanch Rabe joins Braless Podcast to go back down under in new episode

Anna Blanch Rabe joins Braless Podcast to go back down under in new episode!

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Host Erin Whitehead goes back down under with returning guest, Anna Blanch Rabe, for a therapy conversation about hospital visits, glamping, misunderstandings about immigration policies, The Handmaid’s Tale and a PSA about manscaping before you enjoy nude beaches.

What is Erin’s idea of camping? (Spoiler: NOT camping) Should a hairdresser be honest and tell you about your gray hair? (Second spoiler: NEVER) If Erin has been wearing a bra for 10 hours, should you call 911? How in the world did Border Control Guy Tex remember Anna? Is it dangerous to lather up your freshly shaven man parts with sunscreen before going to a nude beach?

This week’s recommendation is the podcast Vocalogical hosted by Matt Johnson, specifically his episodes about vocal fry. Erin also mentions the TV drama Code Black on CBS and the podcast Science Vs in this episode.

To find Anna you can visit her website, you can find her on Facebook or for more casual stuff, catch her on Instagram @Annie_Rabe

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