Job Advertisement Writing Checklist

Checklists are about making your life easier! Let’s talk about things to consider when writing recruiting advertisements or online job advertisements.

  • Design elements need to reflect the personality and culture of your company.
  • Use clear and easy to read text and graphics.
  • Consider including a code on the advertisement that will allow you to track where an applicant saw your advertisement – this can help with tracking and then streamlining your marketing and recruiting dollars.
  • Use Bold text or CAPITALS judiciously.
  • Use your company logo on the advertisement

When writing the advertisement content:

  • State educational requirements
  • List specific skills needed
  • List work experience required
  • State location of office or business and state whether relocation is necessary
  • Indicate whether the job requires regular travel
  • State whether you are willing to provide training.
  • Indicate if benefits are part of the package
  • Include email address or phone number to contact for questions – and a way to obtain a copy of the full job description

Do Not include:

  • references to age or sex or use any other language that could be read as discriminatory
  • hourly pay rate.

I hope the job advertisement writing checklist is helpful for you! Be sure to check out the resource directory for more useful resources.

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Anna Blanch Rabe, founder of Anna Blanch Rabe & Associates, has been working with Social Enterprises, socially-responsible businesses, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations since 2006 to develop and effectively execute strategic, digital, and narrative initiatives to gain exposure, develop community- capacity, attract talent, and reach new customers. Anna is an Australian-born speaker, writer and advocate. Connect with Anna on Instagram, facebook page, & Twitter.
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