Grow, encourage, nurture, prune, trellis, teach, learn, train, manage, raise, propagate, prepare, tend, work, till, ripen, acquire, develop, form. There’s an agrarian undertone to be sure. But it is the engendering of a life that will benefit from tender, loving, self care, along with energies directed toward my fledgling company, and my most important relationships in my life.

Cultivate is a transitive verb. It denotes action that is happening.

  1. to prepare or prepare and use for the raising of crops;

  2. :  to foster the growth of <cultivate vegetables> b :  culture 2a c :  to improve by labor, care, or study :  refine <cultivate the mind>

  3. :  further, encourage <cultivate the arts>

  4. :  to seek the society of :  make friends with

I’m not planning on returning to my farming roots in 2017, but I am inspired by the still small voice that encourages me to improve by labor, care or study, to further, to encourage, and to seek the society of this local community.

For the last few years, I have chosen a word (or rather it has often chosen me) for the coming year which reflect My heart, goals and stage of life. For each of the last 3 years my word for the year has challenged and shaped me in ways that i could never have foreseen. I have come to expect that lessons will be taught if i’m willing to learn.

My word for 2017 is cultivate.


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Anna Blanch Rabe, founder of Anna Blanch Rabe & Associates, has been working with Social Enterprises, socially-responsible businesses, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations since 2006 to develop and effectively execute strategic, digital, and narrative initiatives to gain exposure, develop community capacity, attract talent, and reach new customers. Anna is an Australian-born speaker, writer and advocate. Connect with Anna on, Linked In, Instagram, facebook page, & Twitter.

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