Our Favorite Tools

Here are resources some with discounts for our community!

We use these to run HQ

We LOVE these and use them to run headquarters at Anna Blanch Rabe & Associates

Convertkit: http://bit.ly/ConvertkitABR


Dubsado: http://bit.ly/DubsadoABR

Smarterqueue: http://bit.ly/SmarterqueueABR


tailwind: http://bit.ly/ABRTailwind

Zoom: We use the free version of Zoom around here. It works fabulously for our needs. Only limitation is that you need to pay or reset the call if you want a multi purpose conference call over 40 minutes! On the upside that’s great incentive to keep things short! 

Square:  http://bit.ly/SquareABR

Use this link and you will receive free processing on up to $1,000 in credit card transactions for the first 180 days*. Afterwards, you pay the standard 2.75% per swipe for all major credit cards**.

Vistaprint: http://reward.vistaprint.com/go.axd?ref=3MMY6J

Stickermule: Design your own stickers and labels – custom designs in small runs! Stickermule does the heavy lifting when it comes to brand collateral! Try Stickermule! 

Jet Setting or Travel Frugal

I travelled over 100,000 miles in 2018. So, finding ways to travel in a cost effective way is essential!

Transferwise: transferwise.com/u/annar848 

Need/Want a solution to transfer money between a bank account in one country and a bank account in another? This is it! This has always been a massive barrier as I have lived and travelled around this world and I’m a happy user of Transferwise!

You Need A Budget (YNAB)

You need a budget is a budgeting application that allows us to keep track of expenditure, budgeting, net worth, long term and short term goals. We especially love that the desktop and phone applications means we can keep on the same page in real time even though we are in different time zones or on different continents.  Use the link to get a free month’s trial. You can request an extension on the trial so don’t be worried that you can find 2 or 3 month trials out there. Try YNAB!

BlackLane: I often use this livery car/black car service when I have limited time between meetings, or when I am arriving late in the evening to an unfamiliar airport. Use the Voucher code FJR85K9C to save 20% on your first ride booking. 

Uber:  Sign up with the invite code: annar1230ue and you’ll get $2 off each of your first 3 rides. 

Lyft: For $10 in ride credit, download the Lyft app using my referral link: https://www.lyft.com/ici/ANNA60255.

Happy Home

Green Chef We enjoy cooking but sometimes we run short on time to go shopping or meal plan. So, green chef offers a great way to make healthy meals and save on food waste. Get up to four meals free with this link!

A Stylish Life

Rent the Runway:  My secret weapon over the last couple of years!

R.Riveter: Stylish and hard wearing handbags and totes. 

Away Travel Luggage: Well designed luggage for frequent travelers.  Get yourself a sweet discount on your first piece!

Framebridge: Art inspires, provokes, and sparks immense joy for me! I have three levels of framing. Basic and inexpensive (hit up a box store); sentimental and photographs that need custom frames – I Framebridge it up; For large, complex, original art that needs a special touch – a custom framing shop (beaucoup bucks)!! We love Framebridge.

Rothy’s: Get $20 off with this link.  

Hunter Boots: my favorite footwear for rainy climes. This link will get you 15% off your order!