Radical Generosity for the Military Spouse of the Year Community

Radical Generosity; or how giving away 50% of your time can change your community is the title of my TED talk. But what does “radical generosity” mean for the MSOY community? We give so much, sometimes to our own detriment. What if we could empower ourselves and others to make sustainable improvements to our communities?

But how?:

Should I form a nonprofit to make a difference for the military community? Are entrepreneurship and advocacy compatible?

In this keynote, I talk about recognizing your community changing capacity in the context of your advocacy and your military life.

Some resources for your exploration!


Guide to Advocacy: A Practical Step-by-Step Course to Advocating for Yourself and Your Family

Guide to Advocacy course! Use code MSOY for FREE entry into this course!

Radical Generosity: Doing Good and Making a Profit

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Making the Most of the Detours: Personal Branding Worksheet

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Military Specific Intellectual Property Resources

These resources were put together for the Military Influencer Conference, but they are helpful for businesses and organizations interesting in using military branch, logo, and seals.

Behind the Scenes of a TEDx talk

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