Free Printable: Password Log

I am organized.

I am not always neat or tidy. But, I know exactly where to find the information that I need.

One of the reasons I am able to keep track of things, information and documents, is that I have systems, templates, and ways of keeping track – both in paper form and electronically.

I’ve been asked by friends and colleagues to share different aspects of my system over the years, and It occurred to me that maybe some of these templates and tips might be helpful to more people!

One of the areas I have found a paper template helpful is for passwords. Now, I will tell you that services like LastPass and 1Password can provide far more security than a paper list can, but there are passwords for which security can be maintained based on where you keep the list, but a list would make life a little easier.

So, if a simple, but aesthetically pleasing, password log or password tracker is what you’re looking for, then I have a solution for you!

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