Americans Working Across the Globe: Resources for participants

You may recognize yourself in pieces of Anna’s story: a woman veteran, an immigrant, a military spouse, a professional unable to practice because of licensing laws, acute and chronic illness, international moves, living in places we would never have chosen without the US military. These are resources put together for AWAG, Americans working across the globe.

Getting Organized: Creating Mental Space (Regional 2021)

In my determination that perfection is not the goal; Imperfect is enough, I have come to see the value in decreasing decision fatigue. This is a key feature of the best advice and research on thriving in crisis situations.  In seeking to offer kindness and compassion to others I have learned that I must first love and be kind to myself.  Boundaries are a way to preserve that kindness. “Fences make good neighbors” is an oft-quoted Walt Whitman line for a reason.
As part of being kind to myself and decreasing decision fatigue, there are three principles I return to time and again:
  • Planning time is never wasted time
  • Systematize and automate
  • Almost everything can be negotiated and renegotiated

Helpful Habits

  • Box breathing – Medical News
  • Headspace (Android & Iphone)
  • Calm (Android & Iphone)
  • 20 minutes outside – Humans Outside (Amy Bushatz)
  • 5 senses (touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing) – An oil diffuser can be great for helping to create mental space. I like blends like Mental, Peace and Harmony, or clear the air for different parts of my house. Quality of light is something I value! – Try a happy light if you live in a place where the winter is darker.
  • Mindfulness & Selftalk – This intro video is great for both kids and adults.
  • Love me book – This can be incredibly useful for the active duty members but it can be useful for civilian contexts – both personal and professional



Things App (by Cultured Code). This is only available on apple/Mac /Apple Watch.

Things helps you plan your day, manage your projects, and make real progress toward your goals. This is my operations Centre on a daily basis. I can send myself tasks from my email, but I use it most to manage my day to day work (personal and professional). This is where my next actions and my projects live.


Anylist App

The best app for shopping lists! Can categorize by store name (great for delegating too). Can be integrated with Alexa or Siri. The paid version allows for menu planning and shopping from your own recipes. Free app is so helpful, but the paid app will change the game!

Download: Android / Iphone


Tripit app logoTripit

The Tripit app is how I keep travel of all the moving pieces of all the trips and travel plans. By forwarding confirmation emails (transportation, lodging, activities) it collates trip plans and creates a personalized itinerary that is shareable. It notifies you of delays faster than the airlines themselves do. It also reminds you a couple of minutes before checkin is available helping you stay ahead of the game if timely check-in is important.

Download: Apple / Android



Zapier – a tool that integrates different apps (sending information automatically from one to another)

Outlook shared calendars – this is essential for a busy life (we each have a family calendar shared with the others so we can see at a glance – saves ALOT of back and forth). Here is a guide to creating a shared calendar.

Hazel – an application for Mac computers that allows for files to be automatically moved. It’s a personal housekeeper for your digital life.

Books (Audio & Physical)

Making the Most of the Detours (Regional 2020)

Without sentimentalism, or cliches, Anna talks about moving forward with intention. Changes in direction, unexpected opportunities, persevering in less than ideal circumstances, and new challenges are par for the course of military-connected life. Let’s talk about making the most of the detours!

Some resources for your exploration!

Guide to Advocacy: A Practical Step-by-Step Course to Advocating for Yourself and Your Family

Guide to Advocacy course! Use code MSOY for FREE entry into this course (normally priced at $39.99)!

Making the Most of the Detours: Personal Branding Worksheet

Whether you call it “mind the gap” or “making the most of the detours,” this worksheet is all about developing your personal brand. Making the most of the detours!

Military Specific Intellectual Property Resources

These resources were put together for the Military Influencer Conference, but they are helpful for businesses and organizations interesting in using military branch, logo, and seals.

Behind the Scenes of a TEDx talk

Want to know what giving a TED talk is like? and some tips on doing one of your own. Check out this article