Anna Blanch Rabe joins Dear Millies podcast for a recent episode on being an immigrant Milspouse

Anna Blanch Rabe joins Dear Milfamily podcast for a recent episode on being an immigrant military spouse.

Dear MilFamily is a new podcast in the military family community.

The hosts describes the podcast as: “We talk about anything and everything related to being in the military life. Grab a cup of coffee, glass of wine, or whatever your vice and listen to some spouses get real about their lives.”

Episode 8: The Foreign Milspouse.

Sheila Arting writes in the episode summary: “Many military spouses are actually foreign-born. You might have heard the term “war bride” before, but that’s not really an accurate definition. We talk to Anna Rabe to learn more about what it’s like being a stranger in a strange land. She’s an author, advocate, attorney, and writer.” You can find Anna at: Instagram: @annie_rabe Facebook: @annablanchrabe Twitter: @AMBRabe

Listen to the Milfamily Podcast about being an immigrant military spouse.


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