Anna Blanch Rabe joins Braless Podcast to talk about the America Identity Tour

Want to hear more about Anna’s America Identity Tour? Erin Whitehead and Braless Podcast has invited Anna to join her as a guest three times!

This latest podcast episode was recorded back in October 2017, and dropped earlier in January

Electronics that spy on your boring sex life (yikes), why you should never hitchhike in Australia (duh), chocolate wonder bread (WHAT?!) and Vegemite (Yuck)! Host Erin Whitehead invites Anna Blanch Rabe back to the podcast to talk about her trip across America to ask the question, “What does it mean to be an American?” Is Halloween a thing in Australia? Is there something off about a small child dressing as Moana?

Shout outs in this episode include Not Too Much Podcast, Moms and Murder podcast and the Ear Hustle Podcast.

Listen to the episode here

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