Anna Blanch Rabe & Associates provides specialist communications content for Legal Professionals

Anna Blanch Rabe & Associates provides specialist communications content for Legal Professionals

Finding a communications professional who can expertly and strategically navigate your niche, recognizing any potential ethical pitfalls and adding value to your website and helping you to provide your clients and potential clients with quality and specialist content might be more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack.

But for the legal professionals who have chosen Anna Blanch Rabe & Associates to assist them in developing evergreen content, it’s like finding a diamond!

Anna Blanch Rabe & Associates are proud to call The Law Tog and FitLegally clients. These three niche services are trademarked and owned by Rachel Brenke, a dynamic attorney who is always looking for new ways to serve her clients and empower them as they grow their expertise as creative entrepreneurs and fitness business owners.

CEO Anna Blanch Rabe brings a diverse background to communications consulting. She has worked variously in higher education and holds a Masters in English Literature, publishing, event management, and non-profit organization executive leadership, as well as holding a law degree from the Australian National University. Her unique set of experiences and skills allow her to understand nuances in adding value to the clients of your business while understanding the ethical limitations of writing about legal topics (as a non-practising attorney).

Rachel Brenke’s The Law Tog, and FitLegally are premiere resources for creative and photography professionals, and fitness professionals respectively. She raises the level every step of the way to help business owners avoid trouble before it happens.

Some of the articles — specialist legal communications content — Anna Blanch Rabe & Associates and Anna Blanch Rabe have written include:

“Making the most of Tax deductions for Donated Products and Services” The LawTog. 20 April 2017. Available at:

“Legal Risks and Issues to consider for Fitness Trainers working online” FitLegally. 12 April 2017. Available at:

“10 things fitness professionals should keep in mind when blogging” FitLegally. 27 February 2017. Available at:

“Special Legal Issues for Independent contractors working in a gym” FitLegally. 15 March 2017. Available at:

“Use of Images on fitness blogs” FitLegally. 15 February 2017. Available at:

“What do I do if there is no written photography contract” The LawTog. 7 February 2017. Available at:

“How To: Commercial Licensing to Wedding Vendors” The LawTog. 31 January 2017. Available at:

“Running Giveaways for audience members” FitLegally. 27 January 2017. Available at:

Anna Blanch Rabe & Associates LLC Specialist communications content for legal professionals

Anna Blanch Rabe, founder of Anna Blanch Rabe & Associates, has been working with Social Enterprises, socially-responsible businesses, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations since 2006 to develop and effectively execute strategic, digital, and narrative initiatives to gain exposure, develop community capacity, attract talent, and reach new customers. Anna is an Australian-born speaker, writer and advocate. Connect with Anna on Instagram, facebook page, & Twitter.

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