After School Programs

After school programs serve children and youth of all ages, and encompass a broad range of focus areas including academic support, mentoring, youth development, arts, and sports and recreation.

Some well-known programs in the US include Boys and Girls Clubs of America. In Australia many after school programs are based on school property.

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Before and After School Program Options

School-based programs

  • Schools provide a variety of extracurricular programs (from sports to drama and various clubs, etc.) that young people can be engaged with after school.
  • Before- and after-school programs are available at many elementary schools and some middle and high schools in your district.
    • These programs provide a variety of activities, from homework help/tutoring to arts and crafts, field trips, recreation and study time.
    • Most programs have opportunities for parent involvement and some provide parent services as well.

Private programs

  • There are often a variety of private after school and tutoring providers/agencies.
  • Many private child care centers provide before and after school care for school age children.

Costs of before and after school programs

  • Some programs are free of charge or allow for a sliding scale. Fees vary according to the agency providing the service.
  • For families that qualify, the Child Care Service Department for your state may provide financial assistance for before, after, and summer programs/childcare.
  • Some families that qualify for the free or reduced meal program might also qualify for free before- and after-school programs


Find out if your school has a before/after school program by calling your school, or contacting one of the following organizations:

Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Boys & Girls Clubs of America had its beginnings in 1860 with three women in Hartford, Connecticut – Mary Goodwin, Alice Goodwin and Elizabeth Hammersley. Believing that boys who roamed the streets should have a positive alternative, they organized the first Club.   With character development as the cornerstone of the experience, the Club focused on capturing boys interests, improving their behavior and increasing their personal expectations and goals.

Afterschool Alliance

Networks of afterschool program providers and advocates are already working or forming in several states across the county to push for quality, affordable afterschool programs for all youth.


Call 211 or visit to find local services and get help today.


Did You Know?

Children and youth who participate in after school programs are more likely to:

  • Do well and be more attached to school
  • Have a healthier life style
  • Avoid risky behaviors


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