A New Beginning

new beginning Anna Blanch Rabe

In order for there to be new life and new growth, sometimes other things have to end. Especially, to make room for a new beginning. So, after almost 6 years and over 100, 000 visitors, I have decided that www.Goannatree.com, the website I founded as I moved to the US the first time to attend Graduate school in 2007, has reached the end of its journey. As I’m living in Australia at the moment, it feels like it came full circle and I was the last person to figure it out. I made some spectacular mistakes, had some mild triumphs, and learned more than I can articulate about writing in this medium. The site will remain live for at least the next year, as I seek to find ways to make the most sort after content available. If there is something you are particularly interested in (particularly if you are using it as a resource for classroom discussion), do let me know. I always enjoy hearing how this project helped people!

But, as this post is titled A New Beginning, let me share where to from here:

www.annablanch.net is my new online home.

Welcome Slide

Welcome! Grab a cup of tea, and start exploring!

I still haven’t unpacked all the boxes, so there are still some kinks to be worked out and the kitchen sink to be made functional! But, over time, I hope you will subscribe, tweet, comment, let me know on facebook, and by email, what you think!

www.Annablanch.net will serve as a hub for my portfolio for my freelance writing and photography, and will host not one, but TWO new projects. The first is Not A Pedestrian Life. NAPL focuses on the life nomadic I have found myself living and the adventures of others who are living their lives out in ways worth talking about. It’s the place where you’ll find updates on Overland From Oz, any other adventures I embark on, as well as life as an expat and a military spouse. Because, yes, I’m moving internationally again – for the fourth time in 7 years! This time, I’m playing for keeps, as I will be joining my (soon-to-be) husband in the United States of America and who knows where that adventure will take us! I really think there must be some sort of pioneering, expat life living, gene because it seems I’ve got it in spades! Thankfully, so does the lovely man I’m soon to marry!

The second will explore the needing roots aspect of my life, writing, and spirit. I’ve titled this project Quotidian Home. It’s where you’ll find Theology: Naked, and where I’ll explore the extraordinary in the ordinary, as I seek home. They’ll be all the art, food, books, and inspiration that makes life imperfectly perfect!

about_leftbar_1_cropSince these two projects — NAPL and Quotidian Home — were soft launched I have been heartened by the response! Your support is much appreciated. The sheer breadth of countries where people are reading my writing never fails in knocking my socks off! It’s certainly been instrumental in keeping me on my toes as far as my geography is concerned! In fact, let’s do a little roll call, shall we – maybe by region or continent! Although, wouldn’t you know that’s way more complicated than people might imagine — I hope my classifications below don’t offend anyone and i’m willing to be corrected.

South East Asia-Pacific: Australia, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, New Zealand, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia

The Americas: United States of America (including  New York, Texas, Missouri, Virginia, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Nebraska, North Carolina, California, South Carolina, Michigan, Florida, New Jersey), Canada (including New Brunswick, British Columbia), Brazil, Portugal, Netherlands Antilles, Mexico.

Europe (including much of western Eurasia) and North and West Asia (including what is commonly referred to as the Middle East): United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Israel, Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, France, China, Japan, Finland, Indonesia, Russian Federation, India, Netherlands, Austria, Norway, Kuwait, Latvia, Serbia, Egypt, Hong Kong, Romania, Sri Lanka, Croatia.

Africa: Benin, Uganda, South Africa, Botswana, Morocco, Kenya.

See, so much international love!

You’ll also see some changes in my social media presence as I move away from Goannatree as an identity and to using my own name. It may not be a radical idea for some, but for me it’s been a big decision and involved quite a bit more resolve that one might assume.

Proper launches for both are coming, Not A Pedestrian Life earlier this year (in time for a big push ahead of Overland From Oz) and Quotidian Home, later on, once I’ve got, ya know, the whole getting married thing sorted!

Listening. Observing. Participating. Writing. Photographing. Reflecting.

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Anna Blanch_Gill Gamble_blogAnna Blanch Rabe is an Australian-born writer and photographer. You can follow her adventure on Not A Pedestrian Life, or Facebook. For more domestic things take a look at Quotidian Home or her previous website, Goannatree.




One thought on “A New Beginning

  • Eileen Bentsen

    Dear Anna,

    I wanted to make a quiet moment to catch up on what was happening for you in more depth than FB allows, and I am very glad I did. I want to wish you and you and Dwight all the best that this joyous, scary, outrageous step into your futures will bring for you both. May the deep and abiding love of God, friends, and community be a sustaining force for each of you.

    I had hoped our paths would cross in person again, long before this and regret they haven’t. I hope once you are in the States, that might be more attainable. Until then, looking forward to watching and learning with you through this site as you journey onward!

    May blessings abound!



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